Patent attorney introduction

Toru Kano Representative Patent Attorney
Country of charge-Japan


2011 Kyoto Prefectural University Graduate School Master's Program Completed
2012-Kansai Patent Office
2014-Patent Attorney Registration
2016-TMI Associates
2018-Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd. Intellectual Property Department (seconded)
2020-Established brand agent patent office

山下 隆志
Takashi Yamashita
Country of charge-Japan


2006 Graduated from the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
2006-Japan Paint Co., Ltd. Development Position
2008-Kansai Patent Office
2012-Patent Attorney Registration
2020-Patent Office Brand Agent Participation

Yu Jung Woo
Country of charge-Korea


2003 Graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University
2003-LG Display Co., Ltd.
2010-Registered as a Korean patent attorney
2010-PANKOREA Patent Corporation
2011-YOU ME Patent Corporation < br> 2015-GIP Korea Patent Law Office

Country of responsibility-China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan


2003 Completed Master's Program in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
2005 Completed Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering Research Institute, National Taiwan University
2005-Kitami Intellectual Property Office (-2011)
2011-Fast National Taiwan University (-2015)
2016-Beijing Longyuan Tianjin Intellectual Property Agency Office

Jeffrey Howell
Country of charge-USA


1994 Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Jones Hopkins University
1998-Worked at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
2008-Patent Law Office in Washington, DC
2008-Registered as a US Patent Attorney

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