Features of the patent office


Management Philosophy

The patent office Brand Agent operates on five principles.

The patent office Brand Agent operates on five principles.

Proceed with foreign trademarks very quickly.

Minimize expenses such as office expenses.

Allow all Japanese companies to acquire and renew foreign trademarks without barriers.

We will collaborate with local agents who are young and familiar with IT to realize unprecedented low costs.


Message from the President

Pursuing "speed" and "cheapness" that only Brand Agent can do.

Representative Patent Attorney Toru Kano

The patent office Brand Agent supports all foreign customers in the process of applying for a trademark in Japan.
Our office provides an environment where Japanese patent attorneys who are familiar with trademarks can apply for, register, and renew Japanese trademark rights at a reasonable price that cannot be imitated by conventional patent offices. I will.
We will support foreign customers at a reasonable price to help them make a leap forward in Japan, which is a large market.

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